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Why write the letters? (2015)

I was born into the Christian family in April of 2000. Just like every newborn, I was hungry for the knowledge of God. I received that and much more through bible study, Sunday school, regular worship services, and spending quality time with the Father. The church I attend catered to the whole man. I learned how to come out of debt from a biblical financial bible study. We were assigned “care” mentors to help balance life. The teachings were (in my newborn status opinion) edifying and enlightening. I was able to tap into several gifts that were locked within me.

As early as the age of 8 (at least that is how far back as I can remember), I have had dreams and visions. It surprised me when I begin to have them more frequently as I begin to grow in the Lord. A spiritual mentor and the leading of the Holy Spirit, helped me to mature in movement of my gift. As my understanding of the Word of God became clearer, I found many disturbing signs that the foundation Jesus laid many years ago has countless miss-constructed or under-constructed buildings upon it. Spiritual houses have been poorly built that are below Jesus’ standard or they are incomplete causing them a life of smoke and mirrors to keep others from seeing the cracks in the walls. Even though I noticed the condition of the church, the Lord only made me aware of how He was saddened by it all through a dream. The dream went like this:

I was invited to walk through a repossessed house. She did not say why the home was taken. The outside of the house was beautiful and grand in size. However, when she took me on the inside it was trashed. Every room had been vandalized with markings on the walls and doors, the floors were littered with junk. We went from room to room each area a mess more than the last. We ended the tour in the area that was supposed to be the kitchen, dining room and lounge section. I say “supposed to be” because there wasn’t any walls or ceiling. You could see the backyard and up to the sky. There wasn’t anything in the area but pipes and beams, no appliances…nothing! So, the woman and I are standing in the entryway to the area when out from a back room came the son of the owner (who had taken back possession). He was crying as he walked pass us out the door. I was confused because we had toured each room and I did not see him. I turned to ask the woman had he been in the house the whole time but then I woke up.

I told the dream to an Evangelist friend of mine. She told me that she had read some material that morning which referenced Matthew 23:27; “woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness” (KJV). We begin discussing the dream and what it meant. I knew the house represented the church. The vandalism and trash were the mess that has been going on for years within its walls. I was a little puzzled, though, about the owner’s son. I mentioned to the Evangelist that maybe I missed the son in the house because I was too busy looking at all the debris. “You missed the son from looking at all the trash” she stated. I had become distracted in the kitchen as we were talking, so I missed the sarcasm in her voice. I replied yes, maybe I was too busy looking at the rubbish and missed seeing the son in one of the rooms. She repeated her statement. “You missed the son from looking at all the trash”. This time, I caught the sarcasm but missed the meaning behind her statement. After I fussed about the sassiness of her retort, she repeated slowly again (albeit laughingly) “you missed the Son from looking at all the trash”. I had a Homer Simpson moment, slapping my forehead and yelling dope! I got it—I missed the Son, Jesus; from looking at all the garbage. I was representing the people in the dream. Which means people have been missing Jesus in churches because they are too busy looking at all the mess that is going on. He has been sitting, watching the vandalism and trash being tossed around so carelessly and with reckless abandonment while it tore at His heart. The ones (leaders) He entrusted to keep the house had allowed it to be in the state that it currently sits. It also struck me that God took back what He gave the leaders. This told me that He was going to be repossessing things due to lack of proper maintenance and love.

I went to sleep that night thinking about all the trash and vandalism I have witnessed over the years. Because I've always kept a journal , the Holy Spirit helped me to birth these letters.

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