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Unpacking for the Journey

Where am I? Amarrah thought.


Looking around all she could see was darkness. Adjusting her eyes, she could make out that she was in a forest.


How did I get here? She wondered.


She heard a still voice say, “start walking and keep going.”


She did not know who said it, but she started walking, even though she knew not where she was going. Soon, the moon began to shine light in the forest. Amarrah could see snakes, spiders, scorpions, and other deadly insects around trees, on the ground. She wanted to scream and run but the voice came again “just keep walking”.


Slowly Amarrah walked on, still not knowing where she was going. So, she followed the moon’s light. It created a path through the forest. Amarrah’s heart was racing in her chest. A snake crossed her path; she dared not jump in case it would strike. “Just keep walking,” said the voice. Amarrah picked up her pace after the snake had crossed. She continued down the moon lit path.


As she walked, she realized that none of the creatures and critters touched her. The voice whispered, “though you live among snakes and scorpions, be not dismayed; for they shall not come near thee.”


Amarrah grew more confident as she followed the moon down a portion of the path that was narrower than before. The critters were closer. The snakes hissed, the spiders wove big webs, and the scorpions raised their tails and snapped their claws but neither bothered to come attack her.


She wanted to run but the voice returned “just keep walking.”


So, she stayed the course. Finally, she came to the end of the forest to this beautiful beach with the sun shining high in the sky and the water was so clean it was blue-ish green.


A flash of lightning woke Amarrah from her dream just as she went to shield her eyes from the sun. She looked around her room. She was not on a beach nor was she in a forest. Nonetheless, it took her a minute to get her bearings. She looked at the clock on the nightstand. It read 5:17 P.M. Then towards her window, it was dark, and the thunderstorm was maintaining its rage. Amarrah let out a breath. It was a dream she thought. Her bladder was tingling, the bathroom was calling her name but before she could get out of bed, she had a strong urge to write down the events of the dream. Turning on the lamp beside her bed that sat on the nightstand, she reached in the second drawer and retrieved her journal and pen.

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