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My Story

The Prophet

Growing up I knew I was different. Not sure how I knew this. I just did. I would have dreams and visions about people and places; and knew things that I shouldn't have because I wasn't around when it was said and/or done. It was later when I gave my life to Jesus Christ that I learned what a prophet was. As I begin to understand the anointing on my life, I continued to feel that I was not an ordinary person. My spirit kept silently speaking that I was more than a Prophet of God. I had other sensitive abilities. These abilities began to manifest in various ways. One being...

The Teacher

One of my cousins recalled that I used to always say I would become a teacher. I don't remember this. Be that as it may, many years later, as a divorced single mother I prayed to God for direction on what to do. While sitting on the couch in my childhood home, I heard the Spirit say, "teach". With much hesitation and trepidation, I began the journey to become a certified teacher. I now hold a bachelor's degree in English and a Master's of Education in Administration and Supervision. Having taught in the public, private, and religious sectors since the early 2000s, it was always in my spirit to teach biblical concepts full-time for the Lord. One day, the Spirit of God decided to have a meeting, so He placed...

The Call

God has a way that you can't go around, under, or over. You must come in at the door of His Word. After many sleepless nights, I was paid a visit by a pastor doing her job as a water tester. She told me that the Lord was calling me off my job and that is why I had been restless. There was a work I had to do and a word needing to go out from Him, and God called me a Master Teacher. She did not know me, nor did I know her. However, I knew exactly what she was talking about. As a result, I was boxed out of the formal teaching sector by the Lord so that The Teaching Prophet would be birthed.

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